Decisions, decisions, decisions…

I have been needing a cardigan for a while. I have lots of cardigans, lots of very lovely hand knitted cardigans.

Those are some of them…But I don’t seem to have the Right One. I’m not really sure what the Right One would look like but I know that it would not be a chunky or bulky knit, I need it to fit comfortably under a coat. Neither would it be ‘girly’ in any way shape or form, so that pretty much rules out lace; nor would it be scratchy but soft enough to wear next to skin yet hard wearing…are you starting to see my dilemma?
It was my birthday last month so with my birthday money (thanks everyone) I decided to invest in some yarn from my favourite yarn shop, Natural Yarn; a whole cardigan’s worth of 4ply Jacob wool.

Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s very soft and bouncy yet still sheepy enough for you to know where it has come from. Plus, and very importantly, it is British grown and spun.
So, having finished a few bit and pieces and smuggly made a couple of Christmas presents, I decided to start trawling Ravelry for a suitable pattern.
Ha! Easier said than done, well the trawling was easy enough but actually making a decision was pretty much impossible. I considered funky grandpa, but thought it is not plain enough. Then I pondered about this, Darrowby, but dismissed it as being a bit too complicated for my M.E. fuddled brain, next I came across a shawl, sideways bias triangle. At last! I found something that made my fingers twitch for my knitting pins. One problem, did you spot it? Yup, not a cardigan…
I have some 4ply chocolate coloured Shetland, left over from Paperdolls which would make a great shawl…not nearly enough for this pattern but…I might just go and cast on anyway….

3 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions, decisions…

  1. Anne Davis

    Oh dear!
    What a dilemma!
    Funky Grandpa is lovely and it is lightweight too so fits the requirements but as you say it might cause your pretty head to do a tailspin!
    I “LOVE” the other pattern “Darrowby”! I think it is very you! Would it fit under a coat? Does it really matter as it is just beautiful and I can see you snuggled up in it with your lovely cashmere shawl!! Go for it! xxxxx

  2. Anne Davis

    P.S I have just seen “sideways bias triangle” and I now understand the confusion! Hah! Knit both! More wool! xxxxxx


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