(Kind of) Jacob Damask

I finished the Damask Shawl last week and have been wearing it a lot, I LOVE it

I found it a very easy pattern to follow, despite having a rather fuddled brain due to an M.E. flare up and finished it very quickly, I think the whole thing took about 4 days to knit.

(Please excuse the messy garden in the background…) It is lovely, soft and snugly, just what you want from a shawl and as I have been feeling unwell, it makes me feel hugged which is just what is needed right now. The cream and greys (there is a very light grey next to the cream) are handspun from fleece from Sarah and Al’s very cute Jacobs and the almost black (it reminds me of very bitter dark chocolate) yarn is from a Shetland Zwarbtle cross fleece that was grown in Dunnet, the most Northerly mainland village in the UK.


I am off ‘proper’ work at the moment after seeing my GP this week and since then have crashed significantly. This is going to have lots of implications in respect to my long-term ability to work and I am awaiting news regarding the steps my employer will be taking in respect to this. It’s a bit scary but I trust that all will be well. I find knitting therapeutic and I believe that it is well established as an effective occupational therapy. I’ve often wondered whether my future lies in some kind of yarny exploits, watch this space….

5 thoughts on “(Kind of) Jacob Damask

  1. MrG...... MrKnitting kitten!!!

    I’m watching my baby x all will be well and I’m with you all the way x holding your hand very tightly x have faith and the knitting will be our way forward x

    1. knittingkitten04 Post author

      Thank you missus! Will definitely be knitting on, as to whether I prosper is in someone else’s hands I think! X

  2. Mandy Conway

    It looks a very interesting mix of wools, in that the white looks very delicate and lacy and very effective for the edging. The dark grey looks quite thick and again the black looks quite heavy, and yet will give you the warmth you need from a shawl. Difficult to tell the textures from the photo. A more defining camera may help show off the beauty, the detail and the texture of your work.

    Very impressed that it took you such a short time to complete. The stitches and pattern (from a lay persons view point) look intricate and detailed.

    You seem to be becoming an “expert” in the wooly field, and this enthusiasm and ‘gift’ surely must be there to give you some financial rewards in the future.

    Much love,
    mandy xx

    1. knittingkitten04 Post author

      Hey Mandy,
      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. It is definitely very snuggly and I’m looking forward to the weather being a little cooler so I can fully appreciate its warmth. I love knitting, I find it helpful to be able to at least do something even when I’m really zonked – although I’m not sure I can always manage to follow a pattern! It would be nice if I could make some sort of a living from it, time will tell x much love to you x


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