There have been less posts recently as I have been quite unwell. The familiar weight of M.E has settled over me, making my limbs heavy and my mind fogged. I am improving however and the knowledge that it gets better as long as I listen to my body helps.
Anyway, I now have much to update you with.

There hasn’t been much progress on Alcott (anyone who knows how to link a pattern on Ravelry directly without being taken to the login page, please let me know!), I have been distracted by Damask, a very pretty shawl that I first read about via Yarn Harlot, who knit a version in her own hand spun Jacob wool which was beautiful as she very cleverly graduated the shades from white to black. As some of you may know, I have some very lovely Jacob fleeces that I am yet to make up my mind what to do with in entirety but I did decide to use some towards making a copycat version. I spun a couple of small skeins in a pale grey and a dark grey and had planned to spin some more in other shades (the temptation to call this entry ’50 shades of grey’ was almost impossible to resist!) but since being ‘energy compromised’ I haven’t been able to and was too impatient to wait so got started using some of the suint washed fleece from a previous post (which is actually shetland zwartble cross, not Jacob at all but we’ll draw a veil over that one). It is a very quick knit and deceptively easy with a very clear pattern.

I am loving it, it is definitely more satisfying to knit with your own wool, especially when from the raw fleece. I know I will feel very bereft when it is finished. This made me think about what I have most enjoyed knitting, a difficult question to ask. I generally like to knit with ‘woolly’ wool and found an online yarn shop called Natural Yarn which sells the most lovely wool from British breed sheep. The woman who runs it, Jean, has been very generous and sent me fleece with my orders. Anyway, I’ve become distracted, my point is that I really like knitting with this wool and have made two projects (paper dolls and hare and tortoise), both from Kate Davies in this wool. I really enjoyed the knitting and have also worn them a lot. What have been your faves? Have you enjoyed knitting something but then never worn it?
Also on the knitting front, I made another Multnomah, this time in my hand dyed lace weight yarn, as a sample knit.
Now I personally am not keen on lace weight yarn, it’s too flimsy for me and I envy those who have the patience to make those stunning lace weight shawls that are so intricate and light.

Ok enough of the knitting, our hens have been working overtime and are both producing an egg a day, any suggestions as to what to make that uses lots of eggs would be very appreciated (not involving merengue or custard please). Although the Great British Bake Off has started again so I’m sure it won’t be long before the caking bug gets me…

Finally, I absolutely hate crane flies. I didn’t used to, in fact I haven’t really paid that much attention to them in the past apart from being vaguely aware that they are around as summer draws to a close. However, this year we have been invaded, there are millions (there really are, I have counted them) of the little blighters. Presumable the weather conditions have been in their favour? Apparently it has been the warmest July in Caithness for some years and this has resulted in daddy long legs everywhere. As I said I had no particular feelings about them, they were just there. Now however, they are everywhere; they settle all over the windows during the day, staring at me and somehow get into the house at night (I have started to believe they can melt through glass) hundreds lots of them.

All buzzing about and the worst of the worst was when at least two decided to settle in my hair when I was trying to sleep….URGHHH. I am now a little phobic and go around checking at night, on a mission to seek and destroy. I probably shouldn’t say this but my best ally in my war is Fin, our black lab collie cross; he eats them. What a star!
PS for some reason, probably due to my addled brain, the pics have all ended up at the bottom, I’ll leave you to work out which one goes where! Until next time, go well.




4 thoughts on “Faves

  1. itwasjudith

    Hello, glad you’re back and feeling a bit better! Your projects look great 🙂

    What is the link to a Ravelry project that you’re trying to add in your post, could you give me an example? I came across such issue while reading some other blogposts, but can’t find them at the moment. If you give me some details, I can try and reproduce the problem and maybe find an explanation 🙂

  2. Anne Davis

    Glad you are having lots of knitting time but not glad to hear that you are still unwell. Your lace weight shawl puts my very plain scarf/shawl to shame. I found that your lace weight is actually very easy to knit with. I am knitting a scarf with the “Cloverfield” wool that I got from you and it is knitting very quickly in a pattern called “Raisin” from Ravelry. I am a convert to natural wools having only been knitting in general store bought wool! Still a beginner really having only made 6 or 7 items in the past! I’m hooked on handspun wool. Will have to use up what I have for 2 jumpers but I know it will not be the same!!
    I too HATE daddy long legs! Healing hugs to you! xxx


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