Multnomwah mwah mwah, not multnomeh

Well, I declare my multnomah shawl finished!


After a bit of a shaky start I’m really pleased with the result (and even more pleased that the blocking hasn’t shown up my mistakes…shhh don’t tell anyone)


Now, what to knit next? Always a big decision, especially when you take into account how much time my next project and I will be spending together. It’s like a relationship: you have that initial loved up stage, where you are just really excited and want to spend as much time as possible together, then the buzz starts to wear off and you start noticing annoying little faults, like the fact the ribbing goes on for ages and ages, and next you just get really comfortable together…and finally it’s over and time to move onto the next one (I’m talking jumpers here, not men!)
So taking all of that into account I have decided upon Alcott , a very pretty fair isle number knitting in gorgeous jamieson and smith 2ply jumper weight, a yarn I am very fond of and in an amazing range of colours. A friend gifted me one of their old shade cards and I quite happily spend hours gazing at it, contemplating what it could all be used for.

Finally for today, Caithness has been looking very pretty recently and I do believe I am feeling a little happier now summer has returned to its normal state of affairs, that is to say, rather unpredictable, often chilly with lots of drizzle!

Until next time, go well.

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