Glad to be home

It’s been a long, hot week. We travelled down South to England last weekend to help prepare a family funeral. Despite it being a very sad occasion, in many ways it was a wonderful time; we spent some very special time with our family and it reminded me of what is really important in life.

(I’m afraid I can’t credit that picture, it’s one I found a while ago on Facebook)
The city was definitely a bit of a culture shock, especially the weather! Very warm, sticky but lovely for us, a bit like going abroad. Mr Knittingkitten has come home with a tan and enjoyed getting his legs out for the first time in several years…
It is great to be back home although we feel an awful long way away from everyone, part of me wishes I could transport our house down South complete with view but be close to our family.
I didn’t get chance for much yarny stuff but did start a granny square blanket for my niece.

Nice and simple, easy to do in the car or when talking and using up some more of my stash.
Before we left I finished another crochet project (I still can’t believe how quick it is!), I haven’t decided if it is for me or not yet. It’s made in North Ronaldsay wool which can be a bit scratchy but I washed it in the machine, hoping to felt it…not a chance! But it did soften it up a bit.

The flower embellishments are from a book by Lesley Stanfield ‘100 flowers to knit and crochet’ which is fab. My only gripe is that she doesn’t give any guidance regarding stitches so I keep having to look them up elsewhere – 3 double treble cluster anyone?
I started some more dyeing today, it wasn’t quite as successful but a useful learning experience anyhow. I do love how the wool looks when it’s drying

Right, that’s about all I can manage for now. My energy levels were ok last week as I think when needed I can run on adrenaline for a while but once I stop it all catches up with me as I’ve gone into energy overdraft. I plan to just sit and watch all the tv I recorded….bliss. Bye for now, go well and here is one final pic of one of our doggies who is also glad to be home. Go well.


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