Fish not frogs

Please excuse the title, I really couldn’t think of anything else…
As is often the case I have reached the weekend and can feel the familiar tendrils of fatigue creeping over me. This is frustrating as I don’t want to spend my precious energy entirely at work, it is nice to have some left for playtime. I live with M.E and this has significantly impacted upon my way of life; I now work part-time, I am no longer able to go walking and I experience various symptoms day-by-day. I have found a useful way of describing it called ‘spoon theory’ which is a way of understanding any chronic illness, I’ve tried linking it but I’m not sure if is worked, google it if you want to know more.
Our vegetables are coming along well, I think it has been a touch warmer in Caithness this year so far and everything is growing quickly it seems, including our asylum seeking mushrooms, as Mr Knittingkitten describes them. They have sprung up from no where and we think they are of the illegal variety, soon to be removed before the dogs can get their muddy paws on them and have their first hallucinogenic experience (only joking…not sure they work on dogs!). We have already had some strawberries…so much nicer than shop bought ones and something that I am able to grow reasonably well (I am most definitely not green fingered).

We are approaching mid-summer and the nights are veryshort here, it barely gets dark and there are some beautiful skies, cue some photos…


Although I don’t think there will be the opportunity for more photos today, the rain has come in and it’s looking fairly miserable, which is GREAT yarny weather and good timing as it is our first craft group this afternoon. I will let you know how it goes but I hope there will be much spinning as we have a spinning newby coming along to get some tips. I have a new wheel that I am still acclimatising too

An Ashford Joy, isn’t she lovely?
The weather however won’t be welcomed by many in Caithness today as it is the Canisbay Show and the Wick Lifeboat Day this afternoon so I hope it clears for then.
Anyway, enough for now, enjoy your weekend, go well.


2 thoughts on “Fish not frogs

  1. MrG...... MrKnitting kitten!!!

    Think that title was copy righted to a certain gentlemen… But he loves you so ” what’s mine is yours etc”….. You have on entry energy my lovely and so much more than a wee while ago!!!!!!! I notice iPad is now down and some firm wool technology is up!!!!! Enjoy enjoy enjoy…. Mayb the rain will bring a different kind of summer fun for everyone, after all we didn’t move here for the sun sun sun!!!!! Keep bogging my angel you spreading a little joy and happiness xxxx


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