The importance of being honest and WIPs no more

Good morning my lovelies. It has been a few days since my last post and I have some finished projects to show off. But firstly I want to write about honesty…one of the reasons I started this blog was because a lot of the blogs I follow present an image of a charmed life of crafting, cute kids and good taste Cath Kidston style. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but I felt that blogs representing my life were a little lacking. However, even in my early days of blogging the temptation to show you only the very lovely parts of my life is extremely tempting and I have already fallen into the trap of styling my photos (very badly I might add) and only blogging about certain aspects of my life and omitting some of a the more, shall I say, difficult parts.
There is a balance to be had as I also have my privacy and, dear reader (as she comes over all Charlotte Bronte), some areas are none of your business.
A few years ago I read an interview in a knitting magazine with Alice Starmore (a scottish knitting designer and writer) and it had a photo of her sitting in her house with views over the sea on the Hebridean island where she lived. I felt so envious and dreamed of living in a similar place being able to sit in a chair knitting away looking out to sea. At the time we lived in the middle of Nottingham, on a main road opposite a supermarket. Seeing that photo inspired me to persuade my hubby to think about where we REALLY wanted to live and some years later we now stay in the middle of nowhere by the sea and I can sit in our conservatory knitting watching the waves crash against the cliffs.

It is a dream come true. However, I, me , myself is still in the dream which means that all of my ‘issues’ (for want of a much better description) have travelling with me, I haven’t transformed into Alice Starmore…so I continue to think the grass is greener and still have emotional ups and downs and live with life on life’s terms. And this is the part I want to convey here, not the dream, although that is part of my life now, but all of the reality. Ok, enough already! I expect you are ready for some lovely, simple and straight forward crafty pics. My cushion inner arrived it is all finished

I love it, it works well with the granny stripe blanket and brightens up the sofa.
Mr Knittingkitten was away for a couple of days to see his family so I took the opportunity to make some more coasters

I was a bit lost without him and couldn’t really settle to any projects so just played around with various patterns

Yes I admit it, that photo was a touch ‘styled’, note the Orla Keily mug (show off!). They are cute but slightly too small. Hey ho. Anyway, he has returned safe and sound so I have started a new project, not sure whether it will be a cushion or blanket, I guess it depends on how many squares I make (stating the obvious)

Right enough for today, thanks for reading and go well

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